So its 1:53 am, which is way too late for me to be doing this. But, I’m so thrilled with the features of this app, that its too good to resist posting a quick review of this incredible software.

First, its only 4.8 megs in size. Which is nothing and can easily be taken with you on your portable USB drive as a mobile blogging tool.

As I’m a recent convert to the WordPress school of thought on blogging, I found the web-based weblog editor that came with the WordPress account to be rather “shallow and pedantic.” (Gotta love Peter Griffin – Family Guy) Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer Beta (WLW for short) presents a great alternative for n00bs like me who want an all in one solution in their blogging arsenal.

 During installation, you’ll be asked to give your weblog address and account details (username + password). Unlike other applications (namely w.bloggar) you don’t need to input all the intricate details of your account like PHP this or hostname that… its just your web address (e.g. and your username and password. The program will handle all the advanced PC to host – blogging configuration settings. Its just that easy.

Everything including your post categories is transferred to your WLW profile and its that easy to stay on top of your blog. Edit old posts, create new ones – its all there.

Great thing about being a Microsoft product is the ability to integrate with the rest of the MS family – most notably – Microsoft OneNote 2007 which has the keen ability to take small screen captures of specific portions of my screen to use as notes. 

It may not seem like a great feature, but it definitely makes it easier to keep all your blogs, and class notes organized.

I strongly recommend everyone to upgrade to the new Microsoft Office 2007. Its really the definite office productivity suite. OpenOffice is great, but its just not Microsoft Office.

More information regarding Windows Live Writer, including how to use and download can be found here.