Who doesn’t love a little spice with their fried rice and noodles?  Contrary to popular belief – hot sauce is not endogenous to the African Americanos. Indian’s have been firing up our curry’s and tika masalas with gharam/lal/hara mirchi for decades. I must say that for the most spice for your buck award goes to Thailand for their Sriracha and all sorts of kungpao sauces. Super.

Did you know that spicy food has many health benefits too? Well now you do, because I’ve found a web site that seems to explain the benefits of capsaicin, which is the chemical responsible for steam coming out your ears and lipstick on your bum.

Here’s an excerpt from the site:

“Millions of people from many cultures from around the world enjoy the flavor and fire of hot foods. After all, chiles are the second most common spices in the world, following salt. Few people, however, realize the many health benefits that chile peppers offer. A substance called capsaicin causes the heat of chiles and peppers. Capsaicin has been associated with many cures that include lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and warding off strokes and heart attacks, speeding up metabolism, treating colds and fevers, preventing cancer and pain control. Capsaicin is a flavorless, odorless chemical concentrated in the veins of chiles and peppers.”

The rest of the page has a list of all the wonderful ailments that  can be treated by eating spicy foods such as arthritis, blood pressure and verbal diarrhea. Read more about your spices @: Hot Food Health Info… from SweatnSpice.com.