As part of my motivations for 2007, which includes implementing 43 Folders and Getting Things Done, I’d also like to cut down and possibly quit smoking cigarettes before the end of the year. Smoking kills, yet I can’t seem to stop. I’m sure every smoker knows the feeling.

Personally, as someone who has tried to quit several times already – its my belief that the best ways to deal with kicking the habit are:

1) Motivation – nothing beats motivation. If you’re firmly convinced of a fact, no one can change your mind. Conviction is 90% of the effort.

2) Positive smoke free environment – if your friends smoke cigarettes, it’s definitely harder to quit. Try to avoid social situations where you’ll be tempted to smoke.

3) Change in habits related to smoking – such as not having a smoke after meals / coffee etc… This is the hardest step, but with small steps such as reducing by 1 cigarette consumed per day.

4) Minty alternatives –  chewing gum, eating Mentos, Tic Tacs etc will clean your breath as well as give you something else to do.

I’m sure there are a lot of methods out there to quit, the key is to do what works for you… obviously it hasn’t worked for me yet, but there’s always a reason to try again.

Leave it to Lifehacker – which is one of my FAVORITE sites for life hacks/tips – to have a link to a Windows program that apparently helps people kick the habit.

“Windows only: Freeware program Quit Counter helps motivate you to quit smoking by tracking your progress and milestones.

The milestones, which track statistics like cigarettes not smoked and money saved (based on information you enter into the program), look like the best part of this utility. Quit Counter is the first freeware app I’ve run into designed to help you quit smoking, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there were more out there, so if you know of a similar tool, let’s hear about it in the comments. Check out our smoking tag for more on kicking your smokes to the curb. — Adam Pash “

Download Quit Counter v1.2 from