Ok, so everyone knows cigarette smoke stinks and it makes you stand out like Don King at a bald mans convention. But how do we get rid of that smell? Chances are if you’re a smoker like me, you want to avoid smelling like funk, but how to accomplish that. How to get rid of stuff.com, in addition to articles on how to get rid of stains, pests and people, has a great article on how to get rid of cigarette odors. 

The article is divided into two sections – one for smokers and one for non-smokers. Click HERE to go the article.


Here are a few of my own tips for removing cigarette smells from yourself:

1) Brush your teeth – fastest way to remove the smell from your mouth. If you can’t brush, use mouthwash to rinse.

2)Chew gum – helps remove odor, but takes a longer time then brushing your teeth.

3) Wash your hands with toothpaste – THIS IS KEY! This is the fastest way to remove that smoke smell from your hands. Take a little bit of toothpaste and wash your hands with it. The smell is gone in seconds.

4) Wear gloves – like the disposable ones you get at the hospital (rubber). Prevents odor build up on your hand from ever occurring. I keep a glove handy in my bag just in case.

5) Spray off with deodorant – Since its not always possible to keep cologne lying around all the time, keep a can of Axe or any other cheap deodorant so that you can quickly spray off and get back to your normal duties.

6) Drink coffee or tea – masks the odor of smoke very well and gives you an excuse as to why you smell funky.